Surgical Options for Weight Management

Bariatric or obesity surgery may be suitable for:

  • The morbidly obese with BMI > 37.5 kg/m² (based on BMI values for Asians)
  • The severely obese with BMI > 32.5 kg/m² (based on BMI values for Asians)
    and other medical complications of obesity such as
    sleep apnoea, diabetes, hypertension and joint problems.
  • Those who are unsuccessful in any weight reduction attempts with or without medical supervision.

Types of operations include sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and adjustable gastric banding.

As the operation is performed laparoscopically, it avoids a large wound and the patient usually can return to work within 1- 2 weeks. Treatment is individualised and the patient makes an informed decision after consultation with the surgeon.