What is Video Gait Analysis?

Your running economy is dependent on many factors, with one of the major factors being your running gait. An inefficient running gait wastes energy as the body may move more vertically or sideways than it needs to and can also be related to overuse injuries. With the assistance of video recording as well as image processing software, running gait can be analysed and studied, and these inefficiencies can be corrected.

While there is no replacement for practice, a seasoned runner can still benefit from a detailed biomechanical evaluation to improve their training regimen.

Who can take the test?

The test is targeted at seasoned runners looking to improve their running performance systematically. This test aims to look at the interaction of the whole body and evaluate the areas that are potentially contributing to overloading during running.

What are the risks?

Some of the possible risks of a gait analysis test include chest pain, allergic reactions, abnormal heart rhythm, abnormal blood pressure response, or heart attack, muscular injuries or falls.

Will I have my report on the same day after I perform the test?

Yes, the test takes a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes with a maximum of 20 minutes preparation and 5 minutes of running on a treadmill. Thereafter, your running gait will be analysed. Once the analysis is done, the Exercise Physiologist will discuss the results and the training plans with you.

What should I do?

How should I prepare for the test?

You should be adequately hydrated and have a light meal at least 2 hours before the test. Please come in sports attire (top can be light-coloured and fitting;shorts can be dark-coloured tights or running shorts) and bring along your identity card on your appointment date. If you don’t feel well on the test day (e.g. cold, flu, muscle fatigue), you can call our appointment hotline at (65) 6850 3333 to change your test date.

How can I make an appointment?

Please contact SSMC@CGH at Tel (65) 6850 1569/70.

Note: Doctor’s consultation is recommended if you are in doubt of your body condition for the Video Gait Analysis Test. However, this does not guarantee that you are certified fit to take the test on the same day.