SSMC@CGH offers a series of talks that are related to Sport and Exercise Medicine. Our multidisciplinary team of Sport and Exercise Physicians, Dietitians and Exercise Physiologists can offer our experience and knowledge to your company, school or sports clubs to help you achieve your individual or corporate goals.

Selection of Health Talks Topics

Exercise & Osteoporosis

There is an increasing prevalence of osteoporosis, especially in the aging population. Osteoporosis presents significant health risks like fragility fractures of the spine and hip which, in turn, may lead to further mobility and functional decline in the elderly. This talk describes a simple and fun exercise programme that people can embark on to prevent and manage their bone health.

Exercise Talk for Busy Executives

How to start an exercise programme (individual without medical conditions)

  • Benefits of exercise
  • Exercise your heart
  • Motivation in exercising
  • Motivation in exercising

Low Calorie Meal Planning

This talk is part of a series of talks on weight management and aims to equip participants with a deeper understanding of the practical aspects of planning meals for weight control. Now you can eat wisely and lose weight.

  • Healthy diet
  • Meal planning, portion size & healthier choices
  • Fad diet: facts from myths
  • Personal goal setting: cutting back on calories
  • BMI, Waist hip ratio, ideal body weight
  • Personal meal planning
  • Learn about calorie content of food
  • Prepare quick meals on the go
  • Healthier choices of food / healthy eating out

Managing Common Sports Injuries

Increasing physical activity is associated with many mental and physical health benefits. Unfortunately injuries do occur occasionally. The detrimental effects of many injuries can be minimized if we know how to manage them quickly and effectively. The talk covers the common injuries that are sustained in active individuals and how they can be prevented and managed.

  • Recognition of common sports injuries
  • Treatment techniques
  • Prevention strategies

Nutrition & Diet Plan

  • Dietary guidelines for Singaporeans
  • Nutritional values of food
  • Recommended daily intake for different age groups
  • Activity: Meal planning for different age groups

Nutrition for Active Individuals

Eating is a "hobby" for many Singaporeans but are we eating correctly?

Eating the right foods and in sufficient quantity is necessary to maintain good nutritional status and therefore good health. However, exercise is also important; in fact diet and exercise go hand-in-hand. Individuals who are physically active have special needs. The talk covers practical pointers on how and what one should eat to improve the results of his or her exercise program.

Weight Management

Obesity is on the rise, along with its related health problems like hypertension and diabetes. There are many seeking to lose weight for health and aesthetic reasons, perhaps prompting the rise in advertisements of slimming programs, pills, and diets. Unfortunately, false claims are common, along with practices that are either ineffective or dangerous. This talk clears the misconceptions and false beliefs, and it describes an evidence-based, scientific, effective, proven and safe approach to losing weight. The talk will also focus on the numerous benefits related to regular exercise, including reduced risk of the lifestyle diseases, improved functional capacity, reduced stress, and a general sense of well-being.

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