Patients with conditions as stated below might benefit from seeing a sports physician:

Acute or chronic musculoskeletal conditions:

  • Fractures (simple, closed and non-displaced that do not require surgery)
  • Ligament sprains or tendon disorders
  • Muscular strains
  • Other joint or muscle
    • Costochondritis
    • Bursitis, tendinopathy, tenosynovitis
    • Common fibrocartilage injuries such as labral and meniscal tears
    • Dislocations (e.g., shoulder)
    • Nerve entrapment syndromes, radiculopathy, sciatica
    • Apophysitis (e.g., Osgood-Schlatter disease)
    • Osteochondroses/ aseptic necrosis
    • Osteoarthritis/crystalline-induced arthritis (e.g., gout)
    • Metabolic bone disease (osteoporosis)
    • Acute and chronic low back pain
    • Foot conditions
      • Hallux valgus (bunions)
      • Plantar fasciitis
      • Morton's neuroma
    • Overuse syndromes
      • Rotator cuff impingement
      • Patellofemoral pain syndrome

Advice and other services:

  • Weight management
  • Dietary counselling
  • Exercise prescription
  • Performance enhancement

For patients that require procedures as stated below,
they would need to see a sports physician or one of our allied health team members:

  • Procedures
    • Joint aspiration (arthrocentesis)
    • Joint injection
    • Common injections for bursitis/ tendinopathy
    • Strapping and taping
      • Ankle taping
      • Splinting
      • Plaster and fiberglass casts
  • Functional rehabilitation
    • Prescription of home exercise programs
    • Prescription of physical therapy
  • Surgical preparation and post-operative rehabilitation